You’ve Got To See The First Meeting Between This Hedgehog And A Dog. Unpredictable !!!

There are seven different species of hedgehogs, which are spiny animals that can be found in parts of Africa, Asia, Europe and, by introduction, New Zealand. As one of the first types of mammals, hedgehogs haven’t changed very much over the past 15 million years.

Today, some species of hedgehog are kept as pets, as they have been domesticated. The most common hedgehog species to be kept as pets are hybrids of the North African hedgehog and the four-toed hedgehog or white-bellied hedgehog.

Hedgehogs have been captive bred for a number of generations, and their personalities are molded by interaction with their human companions. In this video, you will see an African pygmy hedgehog that found another unlikely friend in her home.

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