When He Turned To His Bride’s Daughter To Give His Vows. The Whole Crowd Were Left In Tears!

When Brian asked Whitney to marry him, he knew he would not only be marrying her, but accepting her daughter, Brielle (Breezy), into his life as well. During their wedding, they recite their personalized vows to each other, and then Brian turned to his soon to be step-daughter and presented her with another set of vows just for her. The significance of that gesture is one that will be remembered by mother and daughter for years to come. The moment he is sparing on his wedding day for a little girl who may never remember the specific words said to her is one that will never really be forgotten.
It looks like Whitney, Brian, and Brielle are off to an amazing start. It is hard to watch them give their vows to each other, and Brielle, without getting just a little bit teary eyed. Check it out to hear all the sweet promises he has for his new wife and step-daughter.

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