What This Lady Does At The Mall? And I’m Really Jealous!

Around the globe, people are learning to scale back and lead more modest and sustainable lifestyles with compact, repurposed, or off-the-grid living quarters.

Check out this teeny-tiny home that was refurbished from an old food truck — it’s amazing what a pop of color will do to a space (or, in this particular instance, a pop of every color). Or there’s these lavish arched homes that cost $5,000 to produce. They may not boast a big price tag, but they pack an incredible amount into a very small space. And they’re beautiful!

Following the sustainable living movement, one developer purchased the bankrupted oldest mall in America, the Providence Arcade, with a vision for its poor performance, upper-level retail spaces. His thought was that if he could turn the spaces into residential lofts with businesses on the first level, he could restore the building to its former glory. After all, the structure is nearly two centuries old!

Its smallest apartments are just 225 square feet, and none have actual stoves. But their residents speak highly of their compact living, and waiting lists mean the demand for the spaces is high. With available housing in Providence near zero, this sustainable living in a historic building with a sun-flooded atrium certainly doesn’t seem half bad!

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