What Has Been Done To This Dog Is Unexpected. You Should Watch This!

(This might be a slightly difficult video to watch for some people, but Nick the dog is just so cute and so happy to be safe, that it’s definitely worth it!)

Animales Sin Hogar (Animals Without Homes), a rescue group in Uruguay, was recently alerted to a homeless dog living in someone’s backyard. While the person who called them was feeding the dog, he knew the dog needed more help than he could provide: All four of his paws, and part of his nose, had been cut off. At first, Animales Sin Hogar didn’t want to rush to conclusions, but after taking the dog, who they named Nick, to the vet, they were told that his injuries were indeed due to human cruelty.

As you can see in the video below, even though Nick went through the unthinkable, he is still a friendly, happy dog who wants nothing more than cuddles and head rubs! More proof that these animals have hearts of gold.

The rescue organization is working on finding prosthetics for Nick, as well as finding him a permanent home!

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