This Tiny Loris Loveed Her Miniature Umbrella.What She Did At :30? So Cute!!

It’s pretty difficult to quantify how adorable lorises are. With their great big eyes, the tiny primates have a way of melting hearts just by looking at you.

The arboreal quadrupeds are interesting little fellas with some unexpected and surprising species characteristics. For instance, when loris mothers leave their babies behind in their nests, they coat them with saliva that is poisonous to most predators. And when you see a video of a loris, especially a slow loris, it’s not difficult to see why this would come in handy. They very nearly come across as breathing teddy bears, like in the videos we posted of Kinako the slow lorisor Sonya the pygmy slow loris in Russia (one who, it’s worth noting, loves to be tickled).

But the video below has a bit of a sassy twist. A tiny slow loris — so small she fits in the palm of the man holding her — is given a teensy umbrella fit for a doll. When she holds it like any sunbather might, she looks like a miniature person. She closes her eyes and looks perfectly content. But the most adorable part is when they try to take the umbrella back… Just watch what she does at the 30-second mark.

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