This Newborn Baby Was Found In A Plastic Bag. What Happened After? Shocking

We’ve seen so many shockingly tragic tories about babies discarded like trash and then, miraculously, given the second chances they so deserve. This story is no exception.

In February 2013, a newborn baby was abandoned outside an apartment complex in the Texas winter cold. Just hours after she was born — with her umbilical cord still attached — she was left to die inside a plastic Walmart bag. But God had different plans for this tiny angel.

A dog walker heard the baby’s cries and found her shortly after she was abandoned — before it was too late.

The Houston Chronicle reported the baby weighed 4 pounds and 12 ounces. Medical officials determined she was a late preterm baby delivered at 36 to 37 weeks’ gestation. She was named Chloe by the Texas Children’s Hospital staff. Now, Chloe’s in foster care and her foster parents are planning to adopt her.

The authorities have been unable to locate her biological parents and their parental rights have been terminated. However, Chloe was a distinct infant because she was born with one bottom tooth, which is so rare that authorities said it may be the key to finding her parents.

Watch Chloe’s journey below. Despite her nightmarish beginning, she’s now all smiles.

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