They Were Crushed When The Judge Made Them Stop. What Happened After? A MUST Watch

There hasn’t been a group of brothers this charming since The Jackson 5!

We’re no strangers to talented siblings here at LittleThings. In fact, they make up some of our all-time favorite stories. From these incredible twin sister songstresses, who competed on The Voice to this completely crazy brother/sister rollerskating act, you would think we’ve seen the best of the best. However, something tells me that the brothers in this next video are so great, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of them in the coming months.

Say ‘hello’ to The Sakyi Five. Brothers Reece (20), Aaron (19), Carl (17), Eden (16), and Emmanuel (11), make up this completely adorable group of harmonizers who are determined to win this season of Britain’s Got Talent. In the following clip, we see the band of brothers take theBGT stage for the first time, trying to impress the judges with a slow and sweet cover of British crooner James Morrison’s “You Give Me Something.”

Unfortunately, after only a few moments, the judges were not pleased, as Simon Cowell raised his hand and asked them to stop, giving them one more shot to impress them. Luckily, they used better judgement when they chose a song close to Cowell’s heart…and ours, too! Cowell formed the boy band One Direction, so when the guys chose the other fivesome’s song “Little Things,” it was a great move.

What do you think of these brothers? Do they have what it takes?

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