They Thought Their Puppy Must To Be Put Down Because Of His Injury. What Happened After? A MUST Watch!

No pet should ever have to face euthanization as an alternative to proper health care after an accident. That could have been the fate of the sweet pup in the video below if not for the incredible veterinarians who were committed to treating her. (Warning: The video is a little bit graphic, for any squeamish viewers.)

When a 3-week-old puppy ventured a little too close to her mother’s food bowl, her mom bit her face reflexively and accidentally crushed her little jaw. She was taken into Vet Ranch, where she was treated with expert care. With some rehabilitation and TLC, she’s now been placed with a foster home where she’ll stay until she can be placed with a forever family.

“The owners of this puppy could not afford treatment and surrendered her. Luckily Dr. Karri was able to use Vet Ranch donations to fund her procedure and continued treatments over several weeks,” reads the video’s description. “Now she is all healed up and ready for a new home!”

Vet Ranch also includes a link to its website, where you can make donations to help puppies like the one in the video below. “There is no shortage of pets in need,” they write, “so every donation means more lives we can positively change.”

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