They Showed Up In The Backyard. What Happened When The Baby Bear Went For The Cat? WOW!

There’s no shortage of playground bullies in the animal kingdom, and you better believe that felines play that villain exceptionally well.

In a compilation video we posted a while back, we watch countless pups who tower over their cat overlords cower in their presence — some even refuse to enter a room where a cat sits eyeing them with vengeance. And after half of those dogs finally muster the courage to pass through a foyer, those same kitties make their mean little swipes at them on their way through.

That’s not to say that all cat and dog relationships are emotionally destructive. There was another example of a cat-fearing puppy we posted that showed that the two pets eventually became inseparable, proving that there’s hope yet.

Just maybe not for the bear in the video below. In a hilarious turn of events, a family of bears wander into the backyard of one very intolerant kitty. When approached by the largest of the group, the cat takes a couple swipes and hisses maliciously before the bear ends up high-tailing it out of there. This just goes to show that we cat owners aren’t the only ones who fall prey to their sass!

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