They Saw The Egg On The Ground, See What Happens When it Starts To Hatch! WOW!

In the wild, most infant creatures have to face tough odds and quickly have to learn vital survival skills quickly in order to flourish.

The following video highlights the march of the penguins. As the female penguins go off to find food, the males huddle together for warmth and incubate their eggs. Once hatched in the deep freeze of the Antarctic winter, emperor penguin chicks must survive the planet’s toughest climate. These kids are cute, but they must quickly adapt to survive.

The parents must then tend to the chick for an additional four months, shuttling back and forth to the sea in order to provide food for their young.

As spring progresses, the trip gets progressively easier as the ice melts and the distance to the sea decreases, until the parents can finally leave the chicks to fend for themselves. The babies waddle together, taking their first steps and getting ready for their journey to begin. By 3 months old, the penguins will be ready to breed, returning to the ice pack where they were born.

Get ready for cuteness overload because these adorable baby penguins are too sweet! Trust us, you’ll want to watch this video more than once.

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