They Are Called “Cruel” By Their Neighbors For Having A Baby. Their Reaction? Perfect…

This would be the classic story of two people finding love, starting a family, and living happily ever after — if it weren’t for the cruelness of bullies.

Their story reminds a lot of Sherry Clair. She is a proud mother of her special needs son,but bullies told her she should have aborted her baby.

Simon Moore was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, a rare condition that affects one in 50,000 babies.

Though Simon’s cheekbones never developed and he is deaf, he is an otherwise normal guy. He met his wife Vicky at a sign language class.

The two hit it off and were married soon after. Like many couples, they wanted to have children.

Vicky underwent IVF, and though doctors were quick to destroy any embryos with TC, they knew there was no guarantee that their baby would be born without it.

After Vicky became pregnant, scans revealed that their baby girl, Alice, has TC. They decided to keep her anyway.

However, neighbors didn’t agree with their decision.

“My neighbor even said we were ‘cruel’ for bringing her into the world, but she’s our little angel, and we wouldn’t change a thing about her,” Vicky said.

While Alice’s condition isn’t as severe as Simon’s, she still must wear hearing aids.

Unfortunately, people are too caught up in how people look to see the beauty of how much this family loves each other.

“People literally stop dead in their tracks and point at her. Some have even said ‘ugh’ and laughed,” she recalled.

See Vicky, Simon, and Alice’s story below.

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Though Simon has a rare condition called Treacher Collins syndrome, he and his wife, Vicky, wanted to start a family.


“I never wished for Alice not to have TC. Even though I grew up with all the problems and complications it really didn’t bother me either way whether she had it or not. We all knew if she had it that she’d be surrounded with people who loved her,” he said.


“There’s no doubt about it. She’s her dad’s little girl and I will tell her she is beautiful every day.”


While the couple is at peace with their decision, they haven’t escaped unwanted and nasty comments from bullies.


“People point and stare and Simon often gets funny looks when he walks around the village with Alice. They think because of the way he looks he can’t, or shouldn’t be able to, cope with a baby,” Vicky said.


“You go with what medical professionals advise you and they supported us all the way with our decision. Ultimately, we didn’t care if our baby had TC. Simon has the ‘classic case’ and he’s amazing,” she said.


Watch how Simon and Vicky handle their bullies below.

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