The Soldiers Got Home From The War. What Happened To The 3rd Woman On The Left? I’m In Tears

Cooper Waldvogel, age 3, knows the true meaning of the word “patience,” and when you watch his heartfelt video, you’ll realize that we can all learn a lesson from his story.

His mother, Kathryn, has been away in Afghanistan for nine months, and when she finally returned home with her fellow servicemen and women of the 114th transportation company, little Cooper had finally had enough of waiting.

As the group of National Guard members were awaiting official dismissal, Cooper saw his mother and shocked the crowd when he decided to break the ranks and run straight into her arms. Just like the amazing video of a dog and his soldier friend reuniting, little Cooper will definitely bring a smile to your heart!

While nine months seems like a very long time, this story gets even more heartwarming when you realize that Cooper’s father, Adam, is also a member of the National Guard. It turned out that Adam had been away in Afghanistan while his mother stayed at home. When Adam returned, it was Kathryn’s turn to ship out.

Both Adam and Kathryn had not been living in the same home for the past 19 months, that means that little Cooper hadn’t had both of his parents together for over one-third of his life. They say “patience is a virtue,” so that means this little boy must be a saint!

Please watch this darling little boy at last get the chance to play with his family. Together again, finally!

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