She Was Just Filming A Crab By The Water. What She Captured? Just Surprising!!!

Porsche Indrisie was filming by the water in Yallingup, Western Australia when she captured quite the unique incident. She wasn’t expecting anything special to happen, but was sure excited by what she caught on camera.

She was simply filming a crab when an octopus snuck up out of the water and overtook the crab. The incident seems to happen very suddenly, which makes the event so special, but the fact that he is eating a crab is quite normal. Crabs actually make up an octopus’s main diet, but they also consume mollusks, prawns and polychaete worms. Wikipedia states “They usually inject their prey with a paralysing saliva before dismembering it into small pieces with their beaks,” and it appears that is what the octopus has done in this video.
Check out the video to see how quickly everything happens.

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