She Was Fishing With Dad. Suddenly? Her Catch Had Dad Going Nuts!

Kids are constantly doing things to amaze the people around them. Just when you think you’ve seen everything they are capable of, they will surprise you, and shock you by doing something you would never expect.

It’s awesome when kids surprise you by doing something amazing with the information they have learned from you. Whether you are sharing your knowledge and skills in a sport, like the dad who taught his young daughter to box like a champ, or even just teaching your kid how to adorably flex their muscles in front of a mirror, there’s no better feeling than seeing someone you love enjoy doing what you love to do.

The adorable girl in this video may be small, but she can do some pretty impressive things. Equipped with a pink fishing pole designed for kids, little Zoey practices all the techniques Dad has taught her.

The fact that she has the patience to sit with her fishing pole in the water and wait for a nibble is impressive enough, but when she get a bite and starts to reel her catch in, she shows Dad that she’s been paying attention and doesn’t need any help retrieving the prize for her hard work and dedication.

The best part about this video, though, is just how proud you can tell Dad is when you hear his reaction to the big catch!

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