She Was Filming Her Newborn. What She Caught Him Doing? OMG So Cute!

The joy that comes with being a new parent means you want to keep track of every precious moment in your baby’s life, from the first time they crawl, dance, or smile. Of course, it is a parent’s proudest moment when their little one begins to speak, but the parents in this video didn’t think it’d happen so soon!

In the video, mom is recording her seven-week-old son Cillian when he actually says his first word! Usually babies don’t master their first word until they’re closer to a year old, so the newborn shocked his mom and dad, Toni and Paul McCann, when he actually responded to his mom as she was talking to him.

Toni is heard saying “Hello” to baby Cillian. He mutters baby talk and nonsense. Then, at the very end of the video, Cillian actually speaks! Toni’s surprised reaction to the youngster’s reply can be heard in the background, briefly before the video abruptly ends.

Not long after, the proud mama posted the video to her Facebook page, garnering a lot of attention from family and friends, who didn’t hesitate in calling Cillian a “little genius in the making.”

See what Cillian says to his mom in the video below.

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