She Was Expecting Normal Quadruplets. What Doctors Revealed? SHOCKING!

Emma Robbins from Bristol, U.K. gave birth to four fabulous boys by Caesarean section within six minutes of each other.

These adorable quadruplets were all born on a leap year day, 11 weeks early. At the time the below video was filmed, they were turning six months old.

At their birth, two of the babies were identical, which was thought to be a one-in-a-million chance. However, it didn’t take long for doctors to begin believing that Joshua, Zachary and Rueben could all be identical!

And, get this: Initially, doctors had advised that Emma terminate two of the babies in order to give the others a better chance of survival, since she had conceived the four naturally at such unlikely odds (about 750,000–1). But Emma made it clear she had no intention of sacrificing any of her babies.

Emma took her miracle boys — who she calls her “little miracle Peter Pans” — home after two months to begin the taxing challenge of looking after four astounding babies alongside her excited husband, Martin.

At  LittleThings, we’ve seen our share of rare births before, even involving quadruplets — like the mom who delivered four identical quadruplets, much to her surprise — but each story is more miraculous than the last.

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