She Started Wrapping Blankets Around The Baby. The Reason Why? Very Practical!!

New parents often learn how to swaddle their infant from the nurses in the hospital. Swaddling can be used to help settle your baby down when they’re overstimulated or just need to feel something similar to the tightness and security of the womb.

In the video below, you’ll see how one nurse is using a unique technique to swaddle the newborns. She actually does a double baby swaddle that includes a little hood. You can clearly see in the video just how relaxed the newborn baby is. The content baby nods off while getting swaddled. This baby is snug as a bug in a rug.

Leaning new ways to relax a baby can be great for any parent or grandparent — even if it’s a little unconventional, like this magical baby bath technique. Not only is this incredibly helpful, but it’s also very relaxing to watch.

If a baby is staying up all night, it might be time to give the double swaddle a try and see what your little one does. New parents will often do things to try to replicate that warm, womb-like feeling for newborns. It’s soothing and calming and can quiet even the most fussy of babies. It’s quite clever and the newborn looks really comfortable. Most of all, though, this baby just looks happy, content, and safe. And that is maybe the best sight you’ll ever see as a parent.

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