She Might Look Like A Normal 2 Years Old Girl. When You Will Listen To Her? I’m Shocked!

It’s hard to deny that little kids pick up on everything adults say and do.

Unfortunately, as you can see in this heartbreaking example, sometimes we say or do things we don’t want or expect our kids to repeat, but they do anyway. It’s even harder to prevent our little ones from picking up on our own mannerisms, since many times we don’t even realize what we’re doing.

Remember the little boy who tried to convince his mom it was a good idea to feed him cupcakes? Well, I’m sure he overheard someone talking to his mom, Linda, like this, and the same thing goes for the adorable little girl in this next video.

Eric Palonen posted this video of his daughter, Josie, who he calls a “diva in training.” Dad described the video by writing “Every once in awhile Josie will go on a tangent and it’s usually quite funny. She certainly knows how to SOUND like an adult…”

As you can see, Josie has definitely been listening to her mom and dad, especially when it comes to saying “bad words,” which she hilariously scolds her Grandma Mimi for in the clip.

All that lecturing to the adults even made Josie tired. When she reveals that she’s “going to go home, take a rest” I just lost it. Have you ever heard a little kid who sounds like her before?

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