She Bagged A Guest’s Used Soap. What Happened Next? You Will APPLAUD!!

Try to remember the last time you stayed at a hotel. Did you even think twice about unwrapping that new bar of soap, only to use it once and then have housekeeping quickly replace it with a freshly wrapped one? I know I haven’t — until now!

As Americans, most of us are fortunate enough to have an abundance of the most basic items needed for our survival — things we take for granted every day, like clothing, food, and clean water. We have so much, in fact, that we regularly dispose of half-eaten food and barely used items, maybe only feeling the slightest pang of guilt at our wastefulness.

But have you ever given a second thought to your wasted soap?

Every year, thousands of people around the world die from diseases that could have been prevented by hand-washing, but they simply don’t have access to soap. One company is trying to change that. Clean the World is partnering with the Global Soap Organization on a brilliant initiative to bring our unused hotel soaps to people in developing countries who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it. They grind down the old bars, sterilize them, and press them into a new bar before packaging and distributing them around the globe. To date, they have delivered over 25 million bars of soap in 99 countries.

Sometimes the simplest ideas can make the biggest impact on the world!

The next time you are at a hotel, be sure to ask if they are aware of and participating in this amazing program!

And please SHARE this with everyone you know to help spread awareness and save lives one bar of soap at a time!

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