She Attached Her To A Machine. The Dogs Reaction? OMG!!!

A three-year-old girl is being kept alive thanks to her very best friend — a dedicated little goldendoodle who helps with carrying her oxygen tank and teaches her to be the playful toddler she was meant to be.

Mr. Gibbs has been trained to look after the young girl, who breathes though a tube most of the time. No matter where Alida goes, Mr. Gibbs is following closely behind to keep an eye on her around the family’s ten-acre plot of land in Louisville, GA.

Alida was diagnosed with neuroendocrine hyperplasia of infancy (NEHI) when she was an infant, and she is unable to breathe without use of the oxygen tube. Her parents soon realized that even a walk in the park was difficult because of how heavy the equipment was and how difficult it was for Alida to carry on her own. That’s when they learned all about the power of service dogs, and specifically, the power of Mr. Gibbs — and moved 2,000 miles from their native home in Utah so that Alida and Mr. Gibbs could be together.

These two have a beautiful relationship, and Mr. Gibbs must have really grown to care for Alida, since he takes such good care of her. Watch the video of this incredible pair below.

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