She Asked The Cat If He Wanted A Cookie. The Cat’s Reaction? Unpredictable!!

Sometimes we all just need a little bit of love and attention.

Nothing beats a warm hug or a snuggle with a loved one when we are tired or stressed. If this is true for us adults, then why couldn’t it be true for our critters, who rely on us for food, shelter, and affection?

Elvis the siamese cat is hardly the first feline guilty of needing some attention. He is definitely not an originator! However, it’s pretty funny to see such a historically aloof creature beg for attention in the way that Elvis does! Elvis may not be the first cat to vie for the spotlight, but his tactics are pretty impressive! Perhaps it’s because Elvis’ owner is very busy doing something else that he decides he needs a pet or rub right now.

This video hilariously chronicles the struggles one owner faces with a cat who needs to know he is an important member of the household! Watch for yourself as he goes to great lengths just to prove that his presence will not be ignored! Finally, he seems to get what he wants when his owner asks him if he wants a cookie. I’ve actually never heard a cat respond like this, so it definitely made me want to listen again! Siamese are definitely one vocal breed!

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