She Asked Her 2-Year-Old Daughter A Question. Her Answer? Hilarious!!!

This adorable video shows a little blonde girl gently holding her newborn baby sister. There’s only one problem: She can’t remember the baby’s name!

It’s an understandable mix up, because the newborn baby is one of a set! Like the adorable siblings playing in a sink together, the baby she’s holding has a twin.

The little girl’s twin brother is sleeping in the other room. A lot of times, adults can’t even tell twins apart, so imagine how confused a kid must feel in that situation! Anyone could have trouble figuring out which twin is which.

The Mother tenderly corrects her little girl, telling her that it’s her little sister that she’s holding in her lap, not her brother. But that’s when things go from cute to hilarious!

The precocious little girl looks down at her tiny baby sister and responds to her mommy in the funniest way possible. You have to admit that she kind of has a point. Just wait for the :42 mark if you want to hear some wise and hilarious words from this tiny, little blonde girl.

Have you ever had a sassy child say something that was just too funny? Make sure to let us know in the comments, children’s lack of filters sometimes makes them say the funniest things!

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