She Added Powder Over Her Red Lipstick. Seconds Later? Amazing!

Idon’t know about you, but when it comes to wearing makeup, I don’t mind leaving the house with a bare face.

In fact, I prefer a no-makeup look during the week, because a lot of times by the time I get to work, I have mascara smudged all over and can already see the oil building up. What’s the point, when you end up looking like a clown?! However, when I do dress up my canvas, I love going big with full lashes, perfectly lined eyes (learn how here!) and my go-to crimson lipstick. Bright red is an essential for every makeup bag. It looks great on just about anyone and as we’ve seen in this video, it’s also a great tool for covering up dark under-eye circles.

Unfortunately, no matter what color lipstick you use, it’s probably one of the worst products when it comes to smudging. It gets on your teeth, on your glass and on anyone you smooch on the cheek, but as we see in this next video, there’s hope for anyone who loves a colorful kisser. Makeup vlogger Pallavi Symons of shows us how to stain-proof any lipstick using just some loose powder and a tissue. The result works wonders and will really help out people who are clueless when it comes to makeup, like myself.

Will you be trying out this gorgeous trick? Please don’t keep this secret all to yourself —

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