See The Reaction Of This Cute Chihuahua When Informed His Friend Will Be Back From The Hospital.

Three dogs live together in one man’s home: a Doberman, a Pit Bull and a Chihuahua. The three sibling pups love each other so much, and this video is such a perfect window into a dog’s heart.

When his eight-year-old Doberman, Ramsey, was staying at the hospital for emergency surgery, they weren’t sure Ramsey would make it. When Dad finally heard from the doctors that Ramsey would be coming home, this grateful owner told his concerned little Chihuahua, Pablo, the good news — and Pablo’s reaction touched me to the core.

It’s almost like you can hear exactly what he’s trying to say, even though there are no words. He’s grateful, emotional and almost breathes a sigh of relief.

Thank God these three pups are back together, happy and healthy. I love this so much!

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