One Of These Twins Was Called “The Pretty One.” What Happened Next? You MUST See The Changes

Most know that identical twins look exactly alike, but there are some aspects that distinguish one from the other. For instance, the quickest way to identify which twin is which is by looking at their belly buttons — and they have different fingerprints as well.

Yet, these are small differences. To the naked eye, identical twins are such mirror images of each other that, much like the two adorable twin baby girls in this video, they even move, smile, and laugh the same way.

So, something severe needs to occur in order for identical twins to look different.

Mary and Ruth, two twin sisters, looked completely identical until they reached 11 years old. That’s when Mary started putting on weight. Mary’s issues with food became so extreme that, by the time the sisters reached adulthood, Ruth weighed 120 pounds and Mary weighed 420 pounds.

“I was centered out, even by my mother, as being the pretty one,” Ruth told Oprah on Where Are They Now?

“She was the perfect twin, and I wasn’t,” Mary followed up tearfully.

Yet, though Mary was clearly struggling internally, her behavior had external impacts on the people who loved her most. For instance, Mary’s eating affected Ruth so much that she battled anorexia and bulimia for years because she was so petrified to gain weight. Ruth even claimed that she’d rather starve to death than look like Mary.

Mary’s eating also frightened her 13-year-old son, Chris, who felt like she was eating herself to death.

“I just want to tell her, just stop eating, because if you keep going, you can die. And I don’t want you to die because you’re my mom.”

Years after the sisters’ appearance on Where Are They Now? Oprah caught up with the twins for a very shocking update. Lots of things happened to them after their appearance on the show, and the next chapters in their lives took such a surprising, heartbreaking, and inspiring turn that you just have to experience their story for yourself.

Watch the video below to hear their incredible tale, just make sure you have a box of tissues handy before pressing play.

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