His Owner Went Out To Work. What The Doggy Did To Be With Him? Amazing!

The only thing stopping this doggy from being with his best friend is a six-foot fence.

No big deal.

When Thomas McCormack headed out to work the last thing he expected was to see his pup on the train.

“I was just on my way to work the other morning and I jumped on the train and the next thing I know Paddy comes in and sits on the seat next to me,” said McCormack.

Sometimes animals can surprise us with their seemingly infinite bag of tricks. This rescue dog learned to skateboard… Some humans can’t even do that!

However, McCormack’s 4-year-old labrador-collie mix, named Paddy, is self-taught in this rather unusual skill.

“I was shocked. He just looked at me as if he was saying ‘Where are you going?’ He obviously followed my scent all the way to the station and jumped in the seat next to me, that’s the only explanation I have,” McCormack said.

However, McCormack was still missing one major detail. How did Paddy get over that six-foot fence?

McCormack asked his neighbors if they saw anything suspicious and boy, did they have an answer for him.

Wait until you see what Paddy does in the video below! It’s pretty impressive and a testament of how savvy our canine friends can be when they miss us.

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