He Was Helping A Grandpa Out Of His Wheelchair. What Happened Next? The Unpredictable!

Elderly folks are often depicted as fragile, gentle souls who only enjoy naps, sugar-free candies, and black-and-white films.

Though that may be true, grandparents can also be full of surprises — like these grannies who smoke marijuana for the first time ever. It’s easy to forget that our elders were young once, too, and they enjoyed many crazy adventures long before we were even born.

However, the grandpa you’re about to watch in this video is unlike any I’ve ever seen before!

But your average grandparent shouldn’t try this stunt at home: It’s all an elaborate prank arranged by the hilarious team The Royal Stampede. With nothing but a mask, a wheelchair, and the help of an undercover dance team, these pranksters pull off a hysterical ruse.

When this grandson has to run a quick errand, he asks a few kind strangers to keep an eye on his wheelchair-bound grandpa. But not long after the grandson departs, the grandfather does something truly unexpected — and the hilarious reactions that ensue are all captured by hidden cameras.

How would you react if an elderly man did this while under your watch? I would be terrified!

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