He Was About To Be Killed By His Dad. What His Guardian Angels Did? Unthinkable

In 2004, an 8-year-old boy named Anthony Sukto was nearly stabbed to death with a butcher knife. The man holding the knife was his own father.

After his father fled the scene, Anthony managed to call 911 and describe the attack as he was bleeding profusely. He’d been stabbed several times.

“My daddy killed me with a knife and I’m gone. … Can you please send the Army men or the ambulance?” he begged the 911 operator. Minutes later, Anthony’s dad ran back into the house. The little boy said angels told him to play dead — and at that very moment, a policeman miraculously entered the home and saved Anthony’s life.

In 2006, Oprah sat down with Anthony two years after his father committed this unthinkable act. Oprah also brought out hero police sergeant Marks Eakes and fireman Jeff Colquhoun, who was also on the scene that day.

Today, Anthony is 18 and a senior in high school. In the video below, I couldn’t help but cry as Anthony reveals he’s living with Mark, his hero, in Mark’s home.

Tony Sukto pleaded innocent to the first-degree murder of his wife and attempted first-degree murder of Anthony. He’s currently in prison, but Anthony says he would love to see him; he says he forgives him. We’ve met some incredible survivors before, and Anthony is no exception.

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