He Tryed To Abduct A Baby. But Seconds Later? This Is Horrifying !!!

Surveillance footage often records shocking realities caught on camera. The last bit of footage that shook me was the pug who almost died in an elevator accident.

But what you’re about to see is every parent’s worst nightmare. It’s incredibly frightening, but watching it could actually help save another family from this terror.

The father of 22-month-old Owen says his three children were with a babysitter this past weekend, who let them play at a park unsupervised. That’s when cops say an unknown man scooped little Owen out of his stroller and took off running. Owen’s older sister and brother ran after the man and their brother, screaming and yelling. His sister’s screams alerted passers-bys, including two teenage boys who joined the pursuit. Owen was put down and left on the ground as the man fled the scene.

This heart-stopping madness happened in the small, quiet town of Sprague, Washington. Residents and authorities say there’s no indication the suspect knew the children or their parents. They believe he may have had a car parked nearby and then used that to get away.

Luckily, Owen is now safe and sound and back with his family, thanks to his courageous, quick-thinking brother and sister. However, a manhunt has begun. Authorizes say it is a race right now to find the suspect they worry may strike again.

Watch the video below, and please SHARE it with everyone you know on Facebook. Hopefully, this man will be caught and brought to justice.

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