He Stopped At The River. What He Pulled Out? unbelievable!

Ilove being in nature. And with summer here, I’m ready for so many of my favorite outdoor activities. I’m ready to picnic in the park, hike in the woods, and even go kayaking in the river.

But it’s always important to remember that nature can be unpredictable, like the amazing wild bird who is able to mimic speech. When you are out in the wilderness, you never quite know what you might run into, like the Swedish man who stumbled upon a bear. So when I saw what this man from Wasilla, AK stumbled upon, I absolutely couldn’t believe it.

Logan Snyder was taking a boat ride in a river near his home. Up ahead, he saw what he thought was a beaver poking its nose above the water, so he went to investigate. What he discovered was shocking! It was a baby moose who was struggling to get out of the river but couldn’t manage to get up on the river bank.

This heroic story of what Logan Snyder did for this adorable baby moose absolutely melted my heart. Please SHARE if you find Logan’s actions to help out an adorable baby moose as inspiring as we do.

When Logan spotted this baby moose trying to get out of the river, Logan sprang into action! He told KTVA News, “I could tell it was really struggling. The banks of the river were straight up and down. It really couldn’t get out.”



Logan reached into the river and grabbed the baby moose, pulling it into his small boat. He told KTVA, “It just laid right down on the bow of my boat. It was shaking and coughing up water for about five minutes.”

moose-rescue-3-jpg (1)

Fortunately, the baby moose began to recover quickly and even began to take a liking to Logan! “It stood up in my boat, it walked up to me, it kind of nuzzled me with its nose and I started petting it. It was super friendly.”


But Logan wasn’t done helping the baby moose yet. Logan could see the baby’s mother standing on the bank of the river, so he knew he had to reunite the family. “We boosted it back out of the bank and let it go. It seemed to walk away perfectly healthy and fine.”


Logan told KTVA that he thought the baby was only a few days old. He took one final picture of the baby as it went to join its mother. “I felt like I was put there at the right place at the right time.” Logan certainly is a hero saving this adorable baby and reuniting it with its mother!


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