He Stoped This Woman With A Pit Bull. What He Did? SPEECHLESS!

No one relishes the prospect of being pulled over by the police — especially when you don’t think you’ve done anything wrong. So imagine the surprise among people in the town of Farmington, NH, when police officers started handing out a record number of tickets…to reward good behavior!

Not only do the police keep our communities safe, but they sometimes do so in very surprising ways — like these cops who handed out free cash to law-abiding citizens.

This month, the Farmington Police Department started issuing gift cards for free pizza and fries to residents who use crosswalks, turn signals, and keep their pets on leashes.

In the video, Police Sgt. Brian Driscoll approaches several unsuspecting citizens who are, of course, shocked to learn they’re being rewarded for good behavior. At one point, he stops David and Tracy Menard after watching the pair use every crosswalk on a recent day. Then, he walks up to a woman walking her pit bull and thanks her for abiding by the rules of keeping her dog on a leash. She’s stunned and thankful for the cop’s kind words.

This unconventional program, which started March 2, has received lots of praise. After hearing about the program’s success, Holy Rosary Credit Union donated $250 to ensure the program runs through the end of March.

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