He Rescued A Helpless Turtle. The Turtle’s Reaction? OMG!!

Colin Sutton and Cameron Dietrich were spearfishing on their boat off the coast of Mexico when they spotted a distressed sea turtle tangled in rope. The men wasted no time and dove into the water to help it.

The heroic rescue began as Dietrich jumped into the water, removing the rope tangled around the sea turtle’s left flipper. As he frees the turtle, Sutton captured the entire encounter on his GoPro camera.

Here at LittleThings, we’ve seen our fair share of animal rescues, like the fox whose tail was caught in a fence and a dog who fell into an icy lake, these animals were all saved from certain death thanks to some heroic humans. But what makes this sea turtle’s scare even more captivating is its response to the rescue.

As the turtle is set free, it shows the diver an immense amount of gratitude. It’s truly beautiful to witness!

There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing good-hearted people stepping up to save an animal in need. It’s important to remember that, should you ever find an animal in distress, you should contact a local wildlife rescue first whenever possible before attempting to rescue an injured or orphaned animal yourself.

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