He Put His Newborn Baby On The Bed. What Happened Next? I Can’t Take It!!

When you bring home a new baby, every little action is a monumental experience. The first feeding at home; the first time he or she sleeps through the night; the first bath time, even! And here we meet a doting dad who gets to stay home with his little girl and learn how to do all the things a doting dad must do.

A week after his wife gave birth, Ryan uploaded a truly adorable video of him at home with his first born child. He takes viewers through a day in the life of what a new father does around the house after his child is born. Mom stands by and proudly films the two. The way he gently burps her, swaddles her, and proudly snaps endless photos of her is just too much to bear! After all, he calls her “the greatest gift on earth.”

Ryan notes he’s not a stay-at-home dad, just having some fun on my paternity leave. By now, this baby is about 3 years old, and I would love to see what she looks like.

My favorite part, hands down, is the Baby Burrito. So freakin’ cute. Nice job, Dad.

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