He Just Left Jail And Has No Family. What He Did After? I’m In Tears!!

We all make mistakes during our lifetime. Sometimes those mistakes have bigger consequences than other times, and they become a stickier part of our life story. For the men in this video, the mistakes they made were violations of the law and landed them behind bars for a period of time. Each of the men has a different story and background, but they both share one thing in common: a desire for companionship after being released.

The surreal feeling of being able to walk as free men back into society was something these men didn’t exactly know how to handle. Both of the ex-convicts found themselves not quite knowing where to go after being released. One of the men returned to his former home only to find it empty, as his family had died while he was serving time.
Thanks to Pedigree, the sponsor of this video, these men didn’t have to go through this difficult transition alone. According to the video’s YouTube description, both of the men were invited to adopt dogs from a local shelter. The moment they picked their furry companion marked the beginning of long, loving friendships between men and dogs.
The impact of adopting a pet is immeasurable. It’s easy to see how much happier the men and their dogs are once they start living life together. Watch their incredible journey and share your reaction with us in the comments section!

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