He Emerges From Fire. What He Is Carrying In His Arms? What A Hero!

In 2013, a Black Forest fire burned thousands of acres of land near Colorado Springs, CO. Amid the mass destruction, cameras managed to capture a simple yet powerful moment.

Emerging from the burnt debris, and like something out of a superhero movie, a firefighter named Colby Helgerson carried a tiny baby deer to safety.

He solemnly hands the baby to another man who was tasked with driving it to a safe haven, then ran to rejoin his team. In the meantime, crews worked to rescue horses and other animals still trapped in the damage. Little is known about Colby –  or the fate of the rescued deer — but the video proves no living creature is too small or insignificant to save.

The Black Forest fire prompted mandatory evacuations over an area covering 24-thousand acres and about five-thousand homes. At least seven-thousand-500 acres had burned. There were no reported fatalities, though a few dozen buildings had been burned.

It never ceases to amaze me how far these heroes go to save the lives of others. Firefighters are amazing individuals! Thank God this baby deer had a guardian angel that day.

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