Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Organized A Surprise Wedding To A Fan. His Reaction? OMG!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has done some pretty amazing things in his career.

From being the best-known professional wrestler on the planet in the 90s through the new millennium, to turning himself into one of the biggest action-movie stars of our time, it’s been almost impossible to avoid “smelling what The Rock is cooking.”

However, as we recently learned from this post The Rock put up for Mother’s Day, Johnson is far more than just the tough guy persona he puts on for the big screen. Unfortunately, the money and fame some celebrities get goes straight to their head, turning them into selfish, coldhearted people. The Rock, who had a rough life growing up with his mom, who struggled to make ends meet, proves that some stars never forget where they came from and why it’s important to give back.

That’s why when Johnson learned about the engagement of his superfan and friend, comedian and professional prankster Nick Mundy, he knew he didn’t want to just be part of the big day, he wanted to be there to officiate the ceremony. In the following video, we see The Rock, his team, and Mundy’s fiancé, Dilara, join forces to give Mundy the surprise of his lifetime.

You may have seen brides like this one get surprised by their own “shotgun” wedding before, but I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this ceremony!

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