Dad Was Calling Home. Who Answered? So Cute!

When Dad called, it was understandable that 16-month-old Emelia would want to have a turn talking to him. Mom handed over the phone and decided to record the adorable exchange that followed. It is darling to watch her as she holds the phone snugly up against her ear and wanders around the room. It makes me wonder if she’s watched her parents on the phone a time or two and associated the movements with the phone.
She happily babbles away and even takes the time to put pauses in the conversation so her dad can fit in his own replies. Though she is only babbling and not talking, her mom points out that you should be able to hear her say: “num num nummies” (food) and “buggy” (when she sees a bug outside).
Emelia seems to have such a good time talking on the phone that she really doesn’t want to give it up even after Dad hangs up. I feel like this is very similar to most interactions I’ve had with children once they get your phone. My niece got my phone once when I was taking pictures and didn’t want to give it back because she wanted to take some. I tried in vain to get it, but she was adamant about keeping it and I didn’t want her to get upset, so I waited until it was no longer interesting and then snatched it up and away.
Watch baby Emelia and see what you think of her phone skills. I think she might need to perfect her phone holding technique. What do you think?
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