A Soldier’s Family Was Asked To Look Up. What Happened After? I’m In Tears!

From time to time you’ll come across a video that really manages to pull at your heartstrings, this is definitely one of those videos.

It all starts at an NBA Dallas Mavericks basketball game. In between quarters the family of soldier Danny Pennington was given a special honor, the only problem was that Danny couldn’t be reunited with his family because he was still far away on his 3rd deployment in Afghanistan.

With Danny absent from the festivities it was up to the Pennington family to accept the honors on behalf of Danny’s brave service. Little did the family know, however, Danny had a special message for them all. And when his video started playing on the big screen above the basketball court, the whole family was left in joyful tears in less than a minute!

But just when you thought that this heartwarming video couldn’t get any better, there’s one final surprise at the 1:25 mark. The surprised looks on the Pennington family’s faces are so unbelievably perfect that this video is worth watching twice! I love Mom’s reaction!

What do you think about this video? You just have to love it when a soldier’s family is given the surprise of a lifetime!

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