A Lost Baby Was Picked Up. What Happened When His Mom Heard Him? OMG!

Patrick was standing outside on his smoke break when he heard a peeping sound nearby. After some investigation, Patrick found a teeny, tiny baby bird trapped upside down in a PVC pipe. The baby bird, a killdeer, had gotten away from his mom and dad and was lost and helpless. And so freakin’ adorable!

Patrick knew he had to reunite the little one with his family. He could hear the bird’s parents freaking out because they couldn’t find him. When Patrick carefully places the baby onto the concrete, what he captured on camera is truly a heartwarming sight.

He didn’t have to be a hero that day — especially for such a small family, and one that many other people would completely overlook — but he earned himself a place among the internet’s animal heroes.

In the end, you can hear Patrick say, “that was one of the coolest things that has ever happen to me.” What an awesome guy. We’ve seen bird rescues before — like the family who brought in and raised an injured magpie — and this is definitely my new favorite.

Many commenters may say he shouldn’t have touched the baby, but in this case it’s clear the bird’s parents did not reject him as a result. This is one happy reunion!

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