A Dog Spotted A Stranded Family, What The Mom Duck Did? WOW!

Adam and Eric were enjoying a nice afternoon outside with their families when they saw a mother duck and her five ducklings walking down a city sidewalk. Suddenly, the feathered family decided to walk in the middle of the road.

Fearing the worst, Adam and Eric started shepherding the ducks to the nearby park. There, in the busy city streets of Washington, D.C., Adam and Eric walked into traffic and stopped the cars to let the mother duck and her five ducklings cross. But the story gets even more amazing…

The mother duck kept jumping onto the ledge of a pool inside the park, calling for her babies to join her — but the jump was too high. The ducklings started to panic. Adam and Eric — being the awesome guys they are — ran home, grabbed two big planks, and placed them by the pond. That’s when John, the guy who posted the video to YouTube, arrived on the scene with his dog, Sasha. Wait until you see Sasha react to the ducks. She’s confused, concerned, and wants to help!

John says, “What happened next was that the mom jumped back on the edge of a smaller wading pool, jumped in, and ducklings went crazy. In their confusion, they started to run away, in the wrong direction, and the guys ran after them. After about ten minutes, the guys were able to corral the ducklings back to where mom was still playing in the wading pool. Mom then flew across our heads to the larger pond. The ducklings again when nuts, and finally mom flew back down to the ground where we were all standing. A crowd had gathered at this point. In the video, you’ll see one of the ducklings keep throwing himself against the outside wall of the pond, trying to jump up the 18 inch rise.”

Finally, Adam and Eric corralled the ducklings up the ramp and into the pond — but not before noticing that one of the ducklings missed the ramp! Oh no!

Watch the video below to see if this family was reunited at last. It’s incredible to see this group of real-life heroes coming together and taking time out of their days to try and safely reunite this duckling family.

What an adorable moment caught on camera. If only all humans were as selfless and kind as these people. If you agree, please SHARE this video with your friends on Facebook!

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