A Big Surprise Is Waiting For This Dog. Wait Until You See What It Is About? This Is Priceless!

Dogs really are man’s best friend — and we can see that in their reactions to their owners coming home.

In the following video, Chico the dog hadn’t seen grandma in weeks. The family knew the pet would be ecstatic to see her, so they set up a camera and lead Chico to his surprise.

Grandma sneaks into the backyard where Chico is playing with the other dogs. When he runs through the fenced in area, he stops for a second and can barely believe his eyes. In an instant, the adorable dog freaks out, jumping with joy. When she picks up the dog, Chico showers her with wet doggy kisses because he’s just so excited! The look on this happy dog’s face too cute.

There’s nothing more heartwarming than dogs reuniting with their owners, like this beautiful moment when a U.S. Army veteran was reunited with his military war dog.

The heartwarming reunion is so sweet! The family is heard both laughing and aww-ing in the background. The woman tries to hold the dog in her arm, but this excited pup can barely sit still. It’s proof that dogs can truly love people.

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